Sunday, June 23, 2013

Nice atheists and mean atheists? Malcolm X and Martin Luther King?

I've been at the Secular Students Alliance conference in Las Vegas for the last three days.  Lots of great stuff going on here.  My talk was yesterday.  Here's a link to my slide show:

Being an Out of the Closet Atheist

And the SSA will have a video of the talk up shortly.  I'll post a link when that becomes available.

Richard Carrier gave a good talk, and he's doing lots of good work.  He has a new book that looks good:

And he's got a video of an excellent primer on Bayes Probability Reasoning that is very clear, and has minimal math.


Unknown said...

Dr. Carrier’s book on historical methods and Bayes Theorem is excellent. Some theologians have tried to use the theorem to their advantage, but I never see any actual numbers in their equations. Dr. Carrier is working on a follow-up volume “On the Historicity of Jesus Christ”.
I have been a complacent atheist since 8 yrs old (Catechism), but lately have been more militant and completely out of the closet. However, I am tolerant of others beliefs and do not consider a belief in God to be insanity.
Being an outspoken atheist is not easy. I found that to engaged with a reasonable discourse a Christian, the atheist must be twice as knowledgeable about natural theology, the Bible and matters of religious feelings and Fideism.

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Unknown said...

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