Thursday, April 4, 2013

Are Science and Religion Compatible? Poll of Americans

I just came across this PEW survey in preparation for some of my class lectures. There are a lot of interesting details here that deserve thought. Poll: Are Science and Religion Compatible?


Unknown said...

The two could be compatible, but it would require an evolutionary adjustment on the part of both.

A more monistic understanding on the part of the religiously inclined.

A less materialistically bound reasoning on the part of science.

For the religious, thinking of God and Creation as separate things, would have to give way to a more mature understanding of the God/Creation paradox.

For scientists, there would have to be a realization that the phenomena such as mind, self, consciousness, etc., which are currently relegated to the secondary realm of mere processes, are completely integral to the whole. The physical universe of gravity/light/time/space, is not a separate thing from the experiential realm of ideas/feelings/desires/will.

A catalyst for this change might be the contemplation of "true infinity". Not the "pseudo infinities" of mathematics but their prototype. The infinite aggregate of infinities. The singularity that is the foundation.


Anonymous said...

Addendum to comment #1

Compatibility arising, as the theory of evolution becomes less about randomness and complexity vs. God’s plan, and more about self discovery. God’s plan, having also given way to the same.

Unknown said...

Are science and religion compatible? Why should they be? There is no good reason whatsoever that these two disciplines must have any compatibility. Religion is a tradition based, allegoric philosophy, sourcing mostly from imaginary legends through who is teaching or dictating dogmatic ideas that serve sociopolitical purposes. On the contrary, science is the art that scrutinizes nature by the method of observing phenomena, composing a theory and rigorous experimentation to arrive to possibilities that can be accepted as truths as well as be rejected if falsified. To compile religion with science will be as an oxymoron as to create a beer and name it "Alcoholic Anonymous".