Thursday, February 11, 2010


Luke, over at Common Sense Atheism (a very good blog with lots of stimulating ideas), has posted an interview that he did with me recently as a podcast here:  McCormick Interview.  He's also indexed the discussions and draw links to lots of other posts.  The podcast has also stirred up a number of criticisms of my positions among his theistic readers.  An exchange between me and them has been unfolding in the comments that may be of interest to you too.

And while I'm at it, I should direct your attention to two very rhetorically effective posters, one that he created.  The first is a long list of 2800+ dead gods that you don't believe in.  The visual impact of seeing several thousand of them all listed in one place makes the point better than the long winded analysis that I'm prone to.  Second, there's this very demonstrative poster at Sam Harris' Reason Project showing hundreds of contradictions in the Bible that create all sorts of challenges for believers.

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