Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Atheism--Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

My article on atheism is now published at the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy.  I worked out much of the material here on this blog.  Thanks to all of those who contributed.

Atheism at the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy


Anonymous said...
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Josh May said...

Very cool! The annotated bibliography should be really helpful for users. I'm glad the IEP got an Atheism entry finally. There's also a new entry on the "New Atheists," which is neat and cutting edge to have, I think.

One minor thing I noticed glancing at the article: In the section on non-cognitivism (sec. 5), you mention non-cognitivism in ethics but don't link to the IEP entry on it. It may have been a copyeditor that put in the links anyway. But I went ahead and added the link (I've been working for them for quite some time now). I hope that's okay!

Matt McCormick said...

Thanks Josh. That's helpful and I'm sure Brad Dowden would agree.

Josh, do you want to look at the manuscript of my The Case Against Christ book? I'm trying to get some interested and qualified parties to review it and give me some feedback? Email me.