Saturday, March 29, 2008

Videos: Dawkins, and Gay Scientists Isolate Christianity Gene

Funny videos:

Gay Scientists Isolate Christianity Gene

The next one requires a bit of setup. A documentary called Expelled has recently come out. The producers of the documentary misrepresented their project and got Richard Dawkins and PZ Meyers to speak about evolution for the film.

When Dawkins and Meyers tried to get into a special showing of the film, the producers had the police through Meyers out, fearing the results of having someone who actually knows some biology in the audience. But they failed to recognize Richard Dawkins and let him in to see the movie. See this video for their discussion of the whole affair.

The thesis of the Expelled makers is that there is a vast evolutionist/naturalist conspiracy at work in biology that has been actively suppressing scientific findings that would refute Darwinism and corroborate Intelligent Design. Dawkins' and Meyers' view has been, appropriately, that none of the proponents of Intelligent Design have been able to pass muster in the real arena of scientific peer review, so they have only been able to peddle their nonsense to eager church audiences where the standards of scientific scrutiny are lacking, to say the least. Enjoy:

Richard Dawkins Rap: Beware the Believers


Anonymous said...

It seems to me almost all creationists have a persecution complex where they think there is a giant conspiracy to silence them and destroy Christianity.

Rather than rationalize and research any subject they disagree with, they seem to incoherently attack it with their home schooled high school education. Unfortunately, these are people who think "If we came from monkeys, why are there still monkeys?" is a clever refutation of evolution.

Of course, any person who has an iota of information regarding evolution gags at the thought of these arguments but they're pandered to the ignorant and narrow-minded that couldn't think critically if their life depended on it - and they surely would never question something that conformed to their dogma (unless of course, it was made by a homosexual, then that bastard is going to hell)

Anyhow - videos were rather hilarious.

Solecki Family said...

I seriously almost peed my pants from watching that video... so funny...

great parody of the ridiculousness we often see in reality...